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Dr. Dana Myatt

Dana Myatt, N.M.D.

Growing up in a military family (Dad is a retired Navy Commander), I have always had a deep respect for our country's military forces. Always. I remember even as a child  praying for US troops when I said my goodnight prayers.

As an holistic physician, I know that a "good diet" is hard to come by, even state-side where fresh food is plentiful. I also know that under the mental and physical stress of active duty, your body needs better nutrition than usual.

These two facts put together were my impetus for founding Healthy Troops. I wanted a way for Americans to show you how much we really do support you --- and in a way that will help keep you healthy.

I hope you'll find this effort beneficial. Please drop me a line and share your ideas about what else we can do to support you. And thanks for defending our Freedom!


Mark Ziemann, R.N.

Lt. Z - "Back In The Day"

Mark Ziemann, R.N.

Known to my patients as "Nurse Mark," I have been in conventional medical nursing practice for over twenty years
and in holistic, naturopathic medical practice for over ten years. (Yeah, that makes it more than 30 years of Nursing practice!)

Trained as a Nurse in Canada, I joined the Canadian Army Reserve as a Nursing Officer and served six years with a Combat Engineer Squadron as a "weekend warrior." While I, like most Canadian Reservists never saw combat, my unit and I trained hard, and I am familiar with the needs of a soldier in the field.

Known to my troops back then as "Lt. Z" I am also aware of the exhausting effects that being in theatre, under canvas, living on rations can have. It is tough enough to eat right and stay healthy here at home - it's almost impossible there!

Keep it simple, put it in tough pocket-sized single serving packets, and make it tasty were my specs for all the Healthy Troops products. I hope you'll like them and find them easy to carry and use, because I know that our Healthy Troops products will help you to be healthier, fitter, and sharper when you need to prevail.

Your 'Lt. Z' wants each and every one of you home in one piece real soon!


(Nurse Mark / Lt.Z note:) In my time with the Cdn Forces Combat Engineers, Chimo was our "word" like Semper Fi is to our marines - it is an Inuit (Eskimo) word with meanings and usage similar to the Hawaiian "aloha": hello, goodbye, Godspeed.