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  Many people here at home want to do more than just stick a magnet on their car to "support a troop" but don't personally know a troop to send a care package to.

And maybe you would like to receive a package but don't have someone back home to send you one. We can help!

If you are active duty military serving anywhere in the world, just email us the following and you're "good to go" for receiving a Healthy Troops Care Package:

  • What package or product(s) on this website you would like to receive (or maybe you'd be happy with anything --- it's all great stuff)!
  • A full, valid military address. Be sure to include an APO or FPO number if you're stationed overseas. Double-check that zip code for accuracy!
  • A valid e-mail address from any Internet service, including military, civilian, or free services like Hotmail or Yahoo.

Please email this information to:

Our support packs are designed for individuals - if you are writing on behalf of yourself and for other team members please tell us their names too.

We understand your security constraints and we do not want to know unit numbers or strengths, but if you have 6 troops, or a dozen troops (or whatever number) that you are representing for these support packs that is the information we need. If you will be managing the disbursement of support packs for your troops then we only need to know rank, first name, and initial - as long as they are all being mailed to you at your address. Designation of "male" or "female" is important as the "Extreme Duty" supplement packs are formulated specifically for maximum gender support - men and women have different needs.

We'll use "First In First Out" order to send your package. And we will NEVER share any information about you: not your name, address, location, or even an email address.

However, if your "sponsor" allows us, we'll pass along their email or address to you in case you want to say "thanks" or make contact. If you want maximum security, we'll be glad to forward your message for you.

We will email you when your package is ready to go out, and your reply will let us know that we still have your correct mailing address.